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At Splashdown Goa our first customer is still our customer and it has been the same with all our customers! We always look for a win-win relationship which is one of the reasons why we have long term relationship with all our customers.

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There are various kinds of attractions you can find all round...
but the attractions you will find at Splashdown Goa are certainly not for the faint-hearted, so don't tell us you have not been warned. Seriously though, these attractions have been built with the utmost precision taking into consideration the safety of our visitors. So rest assured, you will be absolutely safe. We have also tested these out ourselves. Wishing you loads of Fun!

A List of our Attractions:

  • Awesome 3-some
  • Zoom Flume
  • Twister
  • Panic Attack
  • Tornado
  • Boomerang
  • Family Flume
  • Tiger's Tail
  • Caterpillar
  • Rain Dance
  • Yee Haa!
  • Curly Wurly
  • Flippy the Fish
  • Tad Pool
  • NEW! Gliderman

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NEW ATTRACTIONNow you not only can swim but fly as well! ‘Gliderman’is a simulated glider...somethin similar to a zipline or cable-hang gliding...but very light on the pockets yet offers the same amount of thrill!!

Awesome 3-some
Awesome 3-some

You’ll need to bring along your courage to go on this aggressive multi-lane mat slide aptly named ‘Awesome 3some’. It begins with a face-first steep descent from a height of 30 feet. After the first bump, you experience the thrill once again before ending up in the landing pool, skimming along the water to the end. This slide provides extreme thrill and has 3 lanes so you and 2 friends can race each other head to head to the bottom.

Brace yourself for adventure as you whip and turn your way to the bottom on the ‘Zoom Flume’. You sit on single or double air filled inflatable float and zoom down 350 feet of the winding tube at exciting speeds. Hold on tight, this can be one hell of a ride!

Parents and children can ride together on this slide. Watch who will be the first to say, “Let’s go again!"


This breathtaking body slide takes you through a series of crazy twists and turns. You lie on your back directly on the slide and experience thrills and chills of the ‘Twister’ as you gain speed before safely landing in our slide pool. Watch out for the Shark waiting in the Pool below!

Test your nerves on the 'Tornado' Imagine you've been shrunk and flushed down the washbasin. After starting off from a height of 30 feet in a tube enclosed in darkness, you burst out into daylight with high velocity into a a bowl where you spin round in a circular motion a few times before dropping through the sinkhole into a pool.


This ride literally screams excitement. The 'Boomerang' is an exclusive ride of its kind. The rider sits in an inflateable raft and takes a breathtaking plunge down the slide. Then zooms up to a to height of almost 30 feet and repeats the same... only backwards! Oscillates back n forth finally coming to a rest at the bottom.

The “Panic Attack!” is an impressive giant inflatable slide where you plunge from a height of 20 feet down into an inflatable pool. Completely safe and provides a different kind of "fun-filled thrill". The slide has been aptly named ‘Panic Attack!’ cos that’s what you experience when you look down from the top. Be ready for a flight midway before you make your splash landing. No flying licence needed for this one.

tad pool

The little ones need fun too! The shallow ‘Tad Pool’ is a safe environment for kids to play supervised by their parents. It is provided with a number of slides for children of all ages. It’s a perfect place for children to get their feet wet while parents can relax on a lounge chair and watch them have a blast.

A compete beginner slide located in our 1½ foot deep Tad Pool, perfectly designed to cool off your toddler and give him his first taste of a 'Curly Wurly' water slide.

curly wurly
yee haa

A straight short drop into a refreshing pool, transforms your little rider and his friend into little racers. Encourage them to yell ‘Yee Haa!’ as they take off on their short Grand Prix.

Don’t be fooled by the smiling creature... the 'Caterpillar' is a medium-speed body slide but provides a real splash at the end. But before your little one reaches the bottom, she will enjoy the gentle curves and bends as she cruises down the slide.

tiger's tail

A black & yellow tube slide curled like a 'Tiger’s Tail', with a vengeance around the majestic Peepul tree. It takes you from daylight to darkness in the blink of an eye. Screaming your way to the bottom is predictable. Hey Kiddo, you’re not afraid of the Tiger, are you?

The ‘Family Flume’ provides entertainment for the faint hearted. It is a gentle broad slide where 3 or more sliders can ride down together holding hands into a shallow pool.

family flume

'Flippy' is a giant fish who flips over when his belly is full of water, splashing water on the unsuspecting occupants of the pool. The anticipation of the moment of its flipping, and the splash it creates, generates a lot of excitement among the kids and adults alike.

'AquaDance' Ever Danced in the Rain?? It's magical! Take your Dance floor moves into the water! Dancing in the Rain has never been more exciting. Enjoy the experience with your sweetheart or your friends, and move to the rhythm of the sizzling dance tracks.

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